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Data Protection Access Requests

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 22/07/2014 Today from RDJ considers the question:A former employee has lodged a request for a full copy of their personal data under the Data Protection Acts 1988-2003. What does this oblige me to provide? I’m a bit worried about some documents on the file. How do I handle it? Jennifer O'Sullivan writes:Data...

Dismissing an Employee Convicted of an Offence

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 17/06/2014 Can I dismiss an employee who has been convicted of an offence or accused of a crime? A conviction/accusation has been published in the paper and the Company does not wish to retain this person in employment in circumstances where the conviction/accusation is a poor reflection on the organisation a...

Fair, Reasonable and Proportionate Disciplinary Process

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 20/05/2014 Antoinette Vahey from RDJ looks at the recent High Court judgment Una Ruffley v Board of Management of St. Anne's School and considers the requirements on an employer to implement a fair, reasonable and proportionate disciplinary process. The recent Judgment of the High Court in the case of Una Ruf...

Updates to the JLC System

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 23/04/2014 We have heard a lot in recent times in relation to updates to the JLC system but we are currently unaware as to where we are with it and what we tell our staff. How do I handle it? Caoimhe Heery writes:In this email we will take a look at recent developments with regard to Employment Agreements and...
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Unfair Dismissal Sickness and Absence Discrimination and Equality

Paternity and Other Leave Developments

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 20/03/2014 A male employee has queried whether or not he has an entitlement to take Paternity leave, as he has heard that there have been developments in this area. I am unaware of these developments. How do I handle it? Michelle Ryan writes:We will take a closer look at current maternity and other family lea...

Dismissing An Employee With Less Than One Year's Service

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 18/02/2014 How do I handle it? I’ve dismissed an employee who has less than one year’s service, am I fully protected against a claim for Unfair Dismissal? Jennifer O’Sullivan writes: LegislationSection 2(a) of the Unfair Dismissals Acts (the “UDA”) sets out the general rule that an employee must have one year...

Selection for Promotion

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 21/01/2014 Michelle Ryan writes:In this article, we will take a closer look at how to manage internal promotion selection correctly and look at three recent Equality cases taken against the Irish Prison Service as examples of what not to do in terms of selection amongst candidates for internal promotion. The ...

Managing Long Term Absence

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 10/12/2013 Managing absence issues is difficult and cumbersome. In this email, we will take a closer look at how to manage long term absence correctly and use the case of Donaldson v Marks & Spencer (Ireland) Limited as an example of what not to do in terms of long term absence management.The FactsIn the ...

Employees working across borders

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 12/11/2013 An increasing number of Irish employees work for companies with operations in a number of different countries. These employees can then end up either working permanently or being seconded to other countries for periods of time. The question then arises, where an employee works across borders, under...

Representation at a Disciplinary Meeting

Posted in: How Do I Handle It ROI on 22/02/2013 “Our company disciplinary policy provides for representation in the form of a work colleague only and our company does not recognise trade unions. Can I refuse to allow an employee to bring their trade union representative to meetings held in the course of a disciplinary process?” Jennifer O'Sulliv...