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Stranded Abroad: When Work Travel Plans Go Up In Smoke

Posted in: Supplementary Articles ROI on 21/04/2010 Last Thursday, the Eyjafjöll volcano on Iceland's southern coast announced itself to the world. Latest reports provide that the ash cloud engulfing the European continent is receding. However, the past six days has seen air travel throughout Europe ground to a halt, leading to thousands of passenge...

Equal Pay Audits - What to Look Out For

Posted in: Supplementary Articles ROI on 16/04/2010 Equal pay audits may be necessary to establish the extent of underlying equality issues. We asked Stephen Holst of McCann FitzGerald to examine the key points that employers should know. The majority of employers believe that they provide equal pay for equal work, irrespective of gender, ethnicity,...

Disciplining Employees for Activities Outside the Workplace

Posted in: Supplementary Articles ROI on 13/04/2010 Dealing with misconduct in the workplace is, unfortunately, an issue that most employers will have to address at one stage or another. Increasingly, however, employers find themselves in situations where they wish to (or are required to) address misconduct that occurs outside the hours and place of...

Alternatives to Redundancies - Part One

Posted in: Supplementary Articles ROI on 09/04/2010 During these turbulent times employers are attempting to come up with ways to retain key staff and avoid redundancies with a view to preserving their existing workforce but at the same time reducing their payroll costs. Employers are also paying heed to the recent decisions handed down by the Emplo...

Claim for Penalisation under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005

Posted in: Supplementary Articles ROI on 16/03/2010 Employers should be aware of the potential for claims by employees under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005 (“the 2005 Act”) under which there have been a number of recent decisions by the Rights Commissioner and the Labour Court. We asked Natasha Canniffe of McCann FitzGerald to exami...

Tweets, Facebook, Email, Texts at Work - Options for Employers

Posted in: Supplementary Articles ROI on 05/03/2010 David O'Flanagan writes:The surveillance of employees' use of email and Internet has become an important weapon in an employer’s arsenal in the battle against lost productivity, security problems and reputation issues. However, an employer must always consider the legal pitfalls of relying on infor...

Reducing Working Hours

Posted in: Supplementary Articles ROI on 15/02/2010 In light of these challenging times, many employers are considering various cost cutting measures including reducing employees’ working hours. It is essential from an employment law perspective that any proposed reduction in working hours is effected in a manner which minimises or eliminates potent...

Illegality in a Contract of Employment: Implications for Employer and Employee

Posted in: Supplementary Articles ROI on 25/01/2010 The validity of a contract of employment may be challenged in a number of ways. In particular, contracts may be unenforceable for reasons of public policy or may be illegal at common law or under statute. Illegally agreed contracts of employment, such as “cash in hand” arrangements, are often creat...

Let it Snow - Employment Issues

Posted in: Supplementary Articles ROI on 08/01/2010 As the Country continues to be hit with sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice and frost, widespread disruption continues. This disruption is certainly being felt by employers who are encountering at worst very high levels of absenteeism and at best large numbers of employees arriving late for work on a ...

Trade Union Recognition in the Irish Workplace

Posted in: Supplementary Articles ROI on 17/12/2009 David McCarroll of Ronan Daly Jermyn reviews Trade Union Recognition in the Irish Workplace. With Social Partnership either dead or on life support, depending on who you ask, employers are facing the prospect of increased trade disputes and an inevitable increase in interactions with trade unions. ...
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