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Case law, legislation and other issues surrounding the rights and freedoms included in the European Convention on Human Rights that impact workplace practice and policy; ethics and values; personal appearance; behaviour; diversity; equal opportunities.

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Recruitment and vetting of candidates by employers

Posted in: Amorys Solicitors on Privacy & Data Issues on 04 August 2016

The National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012-2016 requires that all employees employed whether on a temporary, or agency contract, as an intern or on a voluntary basis who provide services to children under 18 or to a “Vulnerable Person” must be vetted by the National Vetting Bureau (formerly Garda Vetting Bureau).

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Barbulescu v Romania [2016]

Case reference: ECtHR 61496/08, Legal body: European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR),

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